Precautions for cleaning road mixer accessories

Road mixing mixer is the ideal mixing equipment for major construction sites. It is used very frequently. How to maintain it has become a common concern for everyone. Compared to some large machinery and equipment, it is relatively easy to maintain the mixer. But we must not ignore any small details, such as the cleaning of mixer parts is very important. So what are the precautions for accessories cleaning?

的 The importance of cleaning the mixer parts:

1. Remove dirt in time to make the machine work better. After long-term use, the accessories of the mixer will inevitably produce a lot of dirt, which will affect the operation of the machine if it is not removed in time.

2. Extend the service life. Maintenance is actually to extend the service life, and timely cleaning of the accessories is also very beneficial to the entire mixer.


Precautions for cleaning accessories of Kushiro mixer:

1. The cleaning of the items specified in the maintenance regulations needs to be carried out on a regular basis, and lubricating oil is added after cleaning.

2. It is forbidden to use a sledgehammer to remove the dirt that has condensed on the parts of the mixer. A chisel is required for cleaning.

3. In the cold season, after the mixer stops working, after cleaning the accessories, drain the accumulated water in the water pipe of the mixer tank, otherwise it will be easily damaged.


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