Operating rules for stabilized soil mixer of Rema Road Mixe

Operating rules for stabilized soil mixer of Ruima Road Mixer


I. Preparation before operation

1. The internal combustion engine is implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the general operating regulations.

2. Learn more about the mixing depth, width, dosage and other technical requirements of the construction section.

3. Crawler mixers are routinely inspected and prepared in accordance with the requirements of crawler machinery. The tire type mixer should check whether the tires are intact and the air pressure meets the requirements.

4. Check whether the connection part of the mixer is loose.

5. According to different mixing materials, choose appropriate mixing teeth. When replacing the mixing teeth, the rotor should be raised to a certain height, and solid wood pads should be used. After the rotor is inserted with a safety pin, it can be operated.

6. Start the engine and allow the rotor to idle for dynamic observation.

Requirements in operation

7. During mixing operation, first lift the rotor, leave the ground to run idly, and then slowly lower to the mixing depth for mixing operation.

8. During the mixing process, you cannot turn sharply or turn in place. When you encounter obstacles on the bottom layer, you should raise the rotor in time and inspect and handle it.

9. It is strictly forbidden to use reverse gear for mixing operation.

10. The stable soil mixer must maintain a uniform speed during walking and operation, and the operation speed should be low.

11. Various safety valves on the machine must not be adjusted arbitrarily. If they are damaged, they should be replaced.

12. Pay attention to the temperature rise of the hydraulic oil during operation, which must not be higher than the normal value specified by the machine.

13. When the stable soil mixer is used for mixing operation, the operator should wear a dust-proof and noise-proof mask to perform the operation.

14. During operation, always check whether the mixing depth reaches the specified depth and whether the mixing quality meets the specified requirements.

15. During the operation, the operator should often observe whether the instruments are working normally, whether there is abnormal noise in the machinery, and if any failure is found, it should be shut down and inspected in time.

Requirements after operation

16. After the stable soil mixing machine is stopped, it should be placed on a flat, safe, and non-obstructing traffic location, and the mixing rotor should be placed on the ground, and the parking brake should be applied.

17. The road mixer performs routine maintenance operations in accordance with the provisions of the warranty regulations.


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