Road cold recycler construction experts

Road cold recycler construction expert Rui Ma Road cold recycler construction process


1. Mill all lane-by-lane asphalt concrete pavement surface (9cm) first, and store it on the easternmost side of the eastern half;

2. Then cut the lime, fly ash, crushed stone base (18cm) in the west lane and store it in the east half. (Perform a matching test to determine the amount of cement added)

3. Loosen the lime soil base (25cm) on the west side and remove it for transportation. Original trough heavy rolling (compaction degree is greater than 95%.)

4. Backfill the cold-recycled aggregate on the east side to the west, level it mechanically, and perform light compaction, paving 4% -5% cement, and perform the first cold-recycled control thickness of 25cm.

5. Sprinkle water to maintain the cold regeneration base. After reaching the 7-day age, spread the remaining aggregate on the cold even base. (Perform a mix test to determine the amount of cement and crushed stone); paved 4% -5% cement on the east lane, cold-recycled (18cm), and water-cured for no less than 28 days.

6. After the first cold regeneration of the west lane reaches the age of 28 days, add crushed stones according to the test proportion and level it for light compaction, paving 4% -5% cement, and perform the second cold regeneration control thickness. 20cm, spray for 28 days.

7. After the second part of the west lane is cold-recycled to reach the age of 28 days, the main road is sprinkled with an emulsified asphalt water seal (1cm thick) to mechanically spread coarse-grained asphalt concrete (AC-25) 6cm + medium-grained asphalt砼 (AC-16) 4cm.

8. Clean up the scene and open traffic.


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