Application Research of Road cold recycler on Expressway

The 2014 Fujian Science and Technology Award has been announced. The "Research on Application of Asphalt Mixture Plant Road cold recycler Technology on Expressway" jointly completed by the Highway Engineering Research Office of Fujian Provincial Transportation Research Institute and Fujian Provincial Highway Headquarters and other units The achievement won the third prize of provincial scientific and technological progress.


    Plant-mixed foam cold regeneration is a technology that mixes recycled asphalt pavement material (RAP) with foamed asphalt regenerant and uses it as road asphalt mixture after regeneration. Using asphalt cold-recycled mixture to pave the base of the pavement structure to form a flexible base pavement structure can well solve the problem of reflective cracks on the semi-rigid base, which is of practical significance in the process of upgrading and reforming the asphalt pavement.


    This project relies on Fujian Quanxia Expressway Widening and Reconstruction Project construction, combined with the current status of asphalt pavement construction technology level and material usage status, systematically studies the application of this Road cold recycler technology on expressways, and promotes it in Fujian Province. Laying the foundation.


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