What is a stabilized soil mixer?

Stabilized soil mixing machine is commonly known as: road mixer, is a self-propelled fully hydraulic stable soil mixing equipment, which can mix in-situ mixing of various materials such as lime limestone, lime limestone, water stable sand gravel, etc. The road mixer has developed a Road cold recycler machine and can mill the old asphalt pavement.

Road mixer is just a common name, scientific name is called stable soil mixer!

The driving of the walking and mixing rotors is a fully hydraulic closed circuit.

Both the walking speed and the rotating speed of the mixing rotor can achieve stepless speed change. The auxiliary systems (steering, mixing rotor lifting, tailgate opening and closing) are hydraulically operated.

Road mixing machinery and equipment mainly refers to stabilized soil mixers. It mixes soil, inorganic binders (lime, fly ash, cement), sand, aggregate (crushed gravel, slag) and other materials on the road according to the construction mix Mix directly.

The automatic pressure distribution device (POR system) is adopted to realize automatic power distribution. The instrument panel is reasonably arranged, fully displays the working status, sealed cab with anti-rollover protection frame, luxury driver seat, and equipped with air conditioning equipment to improve the driver Operating environment Low-pressure wide-base herringbone pattern-driven tires, excellent vibration resistance, high adhesion and traction. The integral front axle and SOMA rear axle are highly reliable roller working rotors, which improves work efficiency and ensures mixing quality. Water spraying device and milling rotor

This is the road mixer, scientific name: stable soil mixer.


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