China's most advanced Road cold recycler construction first

The renovation project of West Binhe Road, undertaken by Taiyuan Municipal Engineering Corporation, uses the country's most advanced pavement refurbishment technology, the Road cold recycler construction process, which greatly shortens the construction period and improves work efficiency. It is understood that this technology is the first application in our province. As of July 31, the project has paved more than 31,000 square meters of water stable layer, accounting for 50% of the total task of 62,622 square meters.

The renovation of the Binbin West Road started on July 25 and is expected to be completed on August 20. In view of the large amount of work, tight construction schedule, serious road damage, heavy traffic, and insufficient engineering funds, the party and government leaders of the contractor's municipal engineering company made many decisions and introduced the most advanced Road cold recycler in China. For the construction process, a WR2500 Road cold recycler mixer was used in the project. Become the first construction unit in our province to apply this technology. This technology breaks the conventional practice of completely removing the old pavement and the water stable layer when renovating the pavement, and reusing the old road and the water stable layer. On the basis of the original old pavement, it adds 10% -15% aggregate and 6% cement, and uses a Road cold recycler mixer to directly stir to generate a water stable layer. After the water stable layer is compacted, the strength can reach 3.5MP or more. After 7 days of curing, you can lay oil. The application of this technology not only effectively shortens the construction period, makes up for the serious shortage of dust in the road renovation project, but also fills the gap in the road renovation project technology for our province. At present, renovation works are in full swing. All engineering and technical personnel of the fourth project department of the municipal construction company of the contractor are on the battlefield. They work continuously and carry out 24-hour shifts. People stop and rotate continuously. They advance at a speed of 6,000 square meters per day. Submit a satisfactory answer.


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