Energy saving, environmental protection and time saving

According to the newspaper (reporter Zhai Kaimin), the overhaul project of Yuhua East Road, which is concerned by the public, is using a new "cold road regeneration" process. "Road cold recycler" directly smashes the original pavement and reuses it, which can reduce the construction period of the overhaul of the expressway on Yuhua Road by 20 days while protecting the environment and saving energy.

"Road Road cold recycler" is the recycling of waste and old materials.


      During the construction process, a certain proportion of cement is sprinkled on the original road surface, the cement is mixed with the old road material by using a road regeneration machine, shaped according to the design requirements, and then initially compacted with a vibratory roller, and finally compacted with a tire roller. After the later health, the base of the regenerated pavement can reach the various technical indicators of the designed pavement.

"Road Road cold recycler" makes full use of the waste materials on the original pavement, reduces waste residue removal and additional soil extraction, which alone saves 50,000 cubic meters of earthwork for external transportation and internal transportation than the traditional process. In the words of construction workers, "Road cold recycler" helped them "swallow up" a mountain of toxic garbage (asphalt road waste is polluting, and direct disposal will damage the environment).

"Road Road cold recycler" avoids the impact of waste removal and transportation on Yuhua Road traffic, and therefore reduces the dust pollution caused by road construction. During the construction of the new process, the noise is low, and the overall structural strength of the road is also improved after the refurbished road. According to the test results of the construction party, after applying the "cold road regeneration" technology, the road structure can reach 110% of the designed strength after only 3 days of health.

Chen Lijun, deputy general manager of Daoshi Bridge Construction Company in Shishi City, introduced that the new process greatly shortened the overhaul period of the expressway on Yuhua Road. According to the current construction speed, on April 10, the construction of the main street --- the expressway of the railway bridge section will be able to be opened to traffic, which can be 20 days ahead of schedule under the traditional process.


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