Asphalt pavement "Road cold recycler" process brings ther

Recently, at the construction site of the overhaul project of the highway and mine section of Pingshan County to Shijiazhuang City's Shexian County, the reporter saw that the construction staff swept the cement on the uneven road, and a large machine was assisted by a water injection vehicle. Continuously complete the crushing, adding, mixing, and paving of the original road surface, and then preliminary rolling with a vibratory roller, and finally final compaction with a tire roller. The asphalt on the old road has not been removed and thrown away, and a new highway has been generated. Base layer.

New process realizes ecological construction

"This is the cold-recycling construction process for asphalt pavement. This big machine is a pavement regenerator imported from abroad." Engineer Li Bohan, who directed the construction at the scene, told reporters, "The traditional road surface overhaul project plan, first dig out the old asphalt surface layer A large amount of renewable road construction materials are used as waste materials, and they are collectively discarded by transport vehicles. Asphalt road waste materials are polluting, and direct disposal will not only occupy land, but also pollute the environment. "

The overhaul of the Pingshe Highway was 9.38 kilometers. Although the mileage is short, it is located in the mining area of Shijiazhuang City. There are many residents on both sides of the road and factories and mines are dense. The project started from August 15th, because a new cold-recycling road construction technology was used to avoid the removal and transportation of waste residues, reduce the dust pollution of road construction, and the construction noise is small. According to Li Bohan, the construction of the base of the project takes 20 days to complete, while the traditional process requires only 40 days for excavation. It also coincides with the rainy season and the time will be extended. The impact of this on traffic is significant. The reporter saw that there were not too many motor vehicles on the construction site, the construction process was simple, and the vehicles were passing by pedestrians without being greatly affected by the project construction.

Highlights of technology savings

Zhang Zengke, head of the maintenance department of the Hebei Provincial Highway Bureau, is a strong advocate of Road cold recycler technology. He believes that asphalt mixture is the most important consumable material in highway construction and maintenance operations. Recycling is used as the base or sub-base of the highway, avoiding raw materials Waste.

Zhang Zengke calculated to the reporter: the traditional implementation process, a 12-meter-wide secondary road, the excavation of the old pavement surface and grass-roots waste to 4,200 cubic meters, each cubic meter excavation, transportation and land compensation, etc. The comprehensive unit cost is about 60 yuan, and the fund needs 238,000 yuan per kilometer. In contrast, the cold asphalt recycling construction technology allows all the old road materials to be used, which can reduce road repair costs by 20% to 40%.

According to incomplete statistics, as of September 2004, Hebei Province had used the old pavement Road cold recycler technology to overhaul roads for a total of 500 kilometers, saving 100 million yuan in direct costs such as raw materials, 4.6 million cubic meters of road building materials, 500 acres of land, and direct benefits. And indirect benefits reached 150 million yuan.

Technology promotion is still in its infancy in China

Professionals in the industry believe that the main form of roads in China is asphalt pavement. Cold-recycling technology of asphalt pavement makes full use of highway materials, reduces excessive consumption of resources, reduces environmental pollution caused by waste storage and transportation, and reduces construction The emission of dust and exhaust gas, while the construction period is greatly shortened, alleviating the huge pressure on the traffic, this technology will be more and more commonly used in highway construction.

This technology has been widely used in Europe, America, Japan and other countries, and the technology is quite mature. Developed countries have long been able to manufacture various road plowing and crushing machines. In China, Hebei Province is the first province to carry out research and application of asphalt pavement regeneration technology. In 1998, the Handan Municipal Transportation Bureau purchased a cold-blowing machine from Germany, and used this technology for the first time to cold-reconstruct a section of highway. Hebei currently has six imported Road cold recycler machines, the unit price of which is more than 6 million yuan, high-priced professional equipment has become the biggest problem restricting the promotion of asphalt Road cold recycler technology in China.

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