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On September 11 , 2019 , our company completed the in-situ crushing and regeneration project of Wutaishan Cement Road. The project is located in the Wutai Mountain Scenic Area, which is a comprehensive road treatment project, of which cement crushing is the difficulty of the project. The total length of the project is 50 kilometers. The crushed and regenerated area of the cement pavement is 300,000 square meters. The designed depth of the cement pavement is 20 cm. The actual depth of the multi-section pavement exceeds 30 cm .


More than 100,000 square meters of large-scale cement pavement was crushed and regenerated in situ. There was no precedent for this project. After a lot of inspections, the general contractor of the project believes that our company's cement crushing machinery has been developed and applied for more than a year, and has accumulated considerable experience. It has selected our company to undertake this most difficult project. The cement pavement crushing project started on May 6 , 2019. Our company has set up an excellent construction and logistics support team, and multiple cement crushing machines work in coordination. During the construction process, our company carefully organized, continuously improved and perfected the construction process, and continued to improve the construction efficiency. After 4 months of intensive construction, the cement pavement crushing project was completely completed. The subsequent water-stable regeneration was also completed simultaneously, and the asphalt pavement was also laid. Follow up operations smoothly.

The successful completion of the Wutaishan cement crushing regeneration project has not only tested the performance of our company's cement crushing machinery, trained our company's construction team, but also created a set of feasible new large-scale in-situ crushing and recycling technology for cement pavement, for the cement pavement crushing Recycling created economically viable new construction methods.




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