Chengdu holds Road cold recycler technology promotion site m

On December 29, 2005, the Chengdu Transportation Department held an on-site meeting for the application and promotion of cold pavement recycling technology in Longquanyi. More than 150 representatives from Guizhou, Panzhihua, Liangshan Prefecture, and the 20 districts (cities) and county transportation bureaus and maintenance sections of the city participated. Dr. Wu Shisheng from Xi'an Highway Research Institute attended the meeting to make academic exchanges on the situation of China's highway maintenance and the application and promotion of Road cold recycler technology abroad. The participants attended the cold regeneration test construction site of the Longjian section of the National Highway 318. Observe.

Asphalt pavement Road cold recycler technology can solve the two problems faced by the current asphalt pavement overhaul by reusing asphalt pavement waste: directly adding the base course and surface course will increase the pavement elevation; digging the subgrade structure will generate construction waste. Basically disposing of asphalt pavement wastes, alleviating the pressure on resources and reducing the cost of construction, is conducive to environmental protection. The application of this technology is a practice for the highway industry to develop a circular economy and build a conservation-oriented society. This is the first trial in the Southwest. At present, the test sections determined by Chengdu are Longjian section (2000 meters) of National Highway 318, Laochuanzang Road (700 meters) of Provincial Highway 107, and Xinpu Road (tentatively 1,000 meters).

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