WR530V water stable roadbed Road cold recycler machine

WR530V pavement cold recycler is our company's latest pavement cold recycler. This product is different from 450 and 460 models. It is an economic cold recycler that is fully qualified for water-stable roadbed cold regeneration construction. The main technical parameters are 600 The models are on par with the leading domestic products in terms of comprehensive performance.

    1. Weichai Power WP13 diesel engine, rated power 530 horsepower, meets the national III emission requirements, quick start, strong power, high reliability, easy maintenance;

    2. Reliable cooling system, suitable for the hottest summer construction, the engine water temperature and hydraulic oil temperature are always in the best working temperature zone;

    3. The main components of the hydraulic system adopt Danfoss (formerly Sauer-Danfoss) system with high reliability;

    4. The milling rotor is equipped with 8 working gears, which can adjust the rotating speed of the milling drum according to different roadbed strengths to ensure that the machine works faster and reduce the loss of tools. While meeting the requirements of crushing granularity, avoid mixing materials. Segregation; for high-strength cement-stabilized subgrade, lime-lime gravel subgrade, lime-soil subgrade, stable soil mixing, etc., it can fully adapt to work requirements;

    5. The heavy-duty milling drum has been strengthened to make it more wear-resistant under a variety of harsh conditions. It uses a welded base, a replaceable tool magazine (gear sleeve), and a three-piece combination of tools. The tool magazine (gear sleeve) is detachable. Both the tool and the tool magazine can be quickly replaced on site after wearing, suitable for high-intensity continuous water-stable roadbed cold regeneration construction. The milling cutter teeth use 22 types, which has a long service life and is more resistant. Wear; The milling drum is adjusted by dynamic balance, and is inspected by special inspection tools, with high assembly accuracy and stable operation;

    6. Additive spraying (water spraying) adopts electric control adjustment, convenient control, stable flow, accurate and reliable;

    7. The rear water tank supports the independent cold regeneration construction of waterless cars;

    8. The articulated body steering is matched with the steering rear axle. The steering is flexible. The rear axle has a one-button automatic centering function. Regardless of the angle of the rear axle steering, the one-button operation of the rear axle steering can be automatically centered, which greatly reduces the operator. Fatigue strength, improve work efficiency;

    9. Double-bridge four-wheel drive with herringbone tires, strong driving force, suitable for various road conditions;

    10. The pressurized hydraulic oil tank is equipped with a suction oil return filter imported from Germany. After years of use and verification, it is the most reliable oil filtration system. It can maintain the cleanliness of the hydraulic system for a long time and is a reliable guarantee for the long life of the hydraulic pump motor. ;

    11. The hydraulic system adopts H-type pipe joints and international standard pipe joints. There are no welded hard pipes in the whole vehicle. The pipelines have high reliability and can effectively prevent hydraulic oil from leaking.


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