Road cold recycler machine enters the era of efficiency

The cold regeneration machine enters the era of high efficiency. The cold transmission of mechanical transmission will bring a good opportunity for the replacement of the cold regeneration machine. High efficiency and low fuel consumption are the biggest advantages of the cold transmission of mechanical transmission. It can save hundreds of thousands of fuel costs a year.

Domestic cold recycling has been a growth, domestic manufacturer of cold recycling compared with imported machine, the performance gap is very big, but wins in cheap price, as long as can use, what slow speed, oil and so on, can be overcome. But, now, we don't have to go to overcome slow speed, oil of faults, we can build a high-speed fuel-efficient mechanical drive cold again. Same horsepower machine, mechanical is faster than the traditional hydraulic cold recycling 70% - 120%, save fuel by more than 40%, heavy load condition, the square can save five MAO to 9 cents, a year down, 30-500000 yuan, can save fuel and higher construction speed, also improve the utilization rate of the other form a complete set of machinery and reduces the cost, a year also can save hundreds of thousands of yuan. Quickly completed construction, also can undertake more projects.
Domestic mechanical efficiency of cold regeneration of comprehensive construction with international top cold longer vitality, can save a lot of equipment for the domestic cost, we don't need to spend large sums of money to buy expensive imported equipment, of course, for those who don't have to spend their money units, or money is too easy to billionaires.


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