Introduction of RZ2300B pavement Road cold recycler machine

        RZ2300B pavement cold recycling machine is our company's economical mechanical transmission cold recycling machine. The machine is double-bridge driven, fully electronically controlled, and the milling rotor drive is a high-efficiency belt drive. The products are comparable, suitable for cold recycling construction of high-strength cement stable layer.

        Cummins KTA19-C600 diesel engine, rated power 600 horsepower, strong power, high reliability, easy maintenance;

        Reliable heat dissipation system, automatically adjusts the cooling fan speed according to the starting water temperature and hydraulic oil temperature, effectively controls the water temperature and hydraulic oil temperature, and achieves energy saving effects;

        The main components of the hydraulic system adopt Danfoss (formerly Sauer-Danfoss) system, with high reliability;

        The rotor drive is driven by a hydraulic clutch belt. The rotor speed is set with three working gears. According to the requirements of the working conditions, the rotation speed of the milling drum can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the crushing granularity while avoiding the separation of the mixture and increasing the working speed. Best working condition; I gear (high torque), suitable for cold regeneration and high load conditions such as crushing of high-strength asphalt cement stabilized layer (crushed stone roadbed), gears II and III are suitable for low strength roadbed such as cold recycling of asphalt lime soil roadbed Cold recycling, small crushing size, finer particles;

        The heavy-duty milling drum is strengthened and designed with a welded base. The tool magazine (gear sleeve) can be replaced. The tool magazine (gear sleeve) is detachable. The tool teeth and tool magazine can be quickly replaced on site after wear, suitable for high-intensity continuous water-stable roadbed cold regeneration construction. The milling cutter teeth use 22 types, which has a long service life and more Wear resistance; Milling drum is adjusted by dynamic balance and tested with special inspection tools, with high assembly accuracy and stable operation;

        High-torque reducer is driven on one side, which can be operated on the side;

        The machine has three gears. The water-stabilized roadbed cold regeneration uses the walking I gear. The walking speed is accurately controlled and the high-load conditions are easy to control. The light-load roadbed regeneration uses the walking II gear. The larger speed adjustment range is used for the walking III gear. At the machine transition;

        Fully electronically controlled operating system, graphic and digital display of various working parameters, precise and convenient control;

        Additive spraying (water spraying) adopts electronic control adjustment, self-priming pump has strong self-priming force, convenient control, accurate, stable and reliable;

        Four-wheel steering, flexible steering, can realize multiple steering modes;

        Four-wheel double-axle drive, with herringbone tires, strong driving force, suitable for various road conditions;

        The pressurized hydraulic oil tank is equipped with a suction oil return filter imported from Germany. After years of use and verification, the most reliable oil filtration system can maintain the cleanliness of the hydraulic system for a long time and is a reliable guarantee for the long life of the hydraulic pump motor;

        The hydraulic system adopts H-type pipe joints, international standard pipe joints, and no welded hard pipes in the whole vehicle. The pipelines have high reliability and can effectively prevent the leakage of hydraulic oil.


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