High-power Road cold recycler machine is booming

Xuzhou rema Heavy Industry has a rich product line in the field of cold road recycling machines. Currently, the Road cold recycler machines in production are RZ2300, RZ2300B, WR2300V, WR530V, WR460V, WR450V, WR460L, WR460, WR450 and other models. The engine power has 450 horsepower. , 460 horsepower, 480 horsepower, 530 horsepower and 600 horsepower. Compared with other domestic high-power cold regenerators, the high-power cold regenerators of Xuzhou Ruima Heavy Industry have superior performance, mature and reliable characteristics. There are three models of 600 horsepower cold regeneration machine. Four-wheel independent drive mechanical transmission cold regeneration machine RZ2300 is a high-end product. The double-bridge drive mechanical transmission cold regeneration machine RZ2300B has the characteristics of high performance and economical efficiency. The full hydraulic drive cold regeneration machine WR2300V is mature. Reliable, has reached the highest efficiency of full hydraulic drive. Many cold regenerator products of Ruima Heavy Industry this year are not only small-horsepower models, but also all types of high-power cold regenerators have been sold, marking that Xuzhou Ruima Heavy Industry's high-power cold regenerators are not only in product performance, but also in The market sales are in a leading position in China. At present, all employees of Ruima Heavy Industry have been going all out, working overtime, meticulously assembling, and working hard to deliver customer orders as soon as possible.本文链接: http://www.remaasia.com/news/154.html
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