Seven Advantages of Deep Renovation of Cold Recycler Process

Pavement Road cold recycler machine leasing is one of our main business projects. Road cold recycler machine handles full-depth refurbishment of roads. Road cold recycler machine 0 has an efficient mechanical rotor drive system, and a three-speed gearbox is the core of this system. With automatic depth control device. Load control device can keep the engine speed at peak torque to continuously achieve high output. Four steering modes enrich the machine's maneuverability. There are three rotor options: special for asphalt layer crushing General-purpose rotors; combined rotors with both crushing and stabilization functions; and two dedicated soil-stabilizing rotors for different soil types. Let me introduce you to the Road cold recycler lease.


    1.Low cost. According to the introduction of foreign construction materials, compared with the method of laying new material on the old paving layer, cold in-situ regeneration can reduce the cost by about 20% to 46%.

    2.Improving the level of old roads can fundamentally improve the level of roads through the improvement of the carrying capacity of the grassroots level, which is of special significance for low-level roads.

    3.Structural integrity.In the uniform thicker pavement generated by Road cold recycler construction, there is no weak interface between the thinner pavements that sometimes occurs in traditional construction methods.

    4.It does not damage the roadbed. Because the Road cold recycler construction is a one-time operation method, the regeneration unit passes only once on the exposed roadbed. Therefore, compared with the traditional construction method, the damage to the roadbed is less.

    5.Save materials, all old lay-up materials are used in situ, thereby greatly reducing the amount of new materials and protecting resources.

    6.The construction period is short.Because there is no transportation problem of the old materials, there is no need for other machinery to loosen and crush the old materials, and there is no need to remove and specialize the crushing of large materials.More importantly, the one-time operation characteristics of the construction process greatly Simplified construction procedures, thus saving construction time.

    7.Use Road cold recycler to protect the environment, because the use of old materials greatly reduces the amount of new material mining, and there is no problem with the transportation and storage of old materials, which basically meets the requirements of environmental protection.


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