RZ480V pavement Road cold recycler machine

Introduction of WR450V pavement Road cold recycler machine


RZ480V pavement cold regenerator is a new medium horsepower pavement cold regenerator newly launched by our company. The product adopts Weichai electric injection engine to meet the national III emission requirements. Compared with WR450V, the performance of the machine has been greatly improved. The rotor has 8-speed adjustment. The fuselage is equipped with a built-in water tank, which can be used for cold regeneration of lime soil roadbed, cold regeneration of lime ash gravel roadbed, cold regeneration of general strength water-stable roadbed, and can also replace lime soil mixing machine. Key components are selected from international first-class products, and their comprehensive performance is domestically leading. Can replace imported similar models.


l Weichai Power WP12 diesel engine, rated power 480 horsepower, meets China III emission requirements, quick start, strong power, high reliability, easy maintenance;

l Milling drum drive, walking drive and spraying system are all hydraulic drive, hydraulic system adopts Danfoss (formerly Sauer Danfoss) system, high reliability;

l Milling drums have accumulated many years of experience. With enhanced design, high reliability, stable work, adapt to asphalt pavement and lime soil roadbed, low-strength water-stable roadbed milling and recycling conditions, and have a longer service life;

l The rotor drive adopts a large torque reducer. The rotor's working speed is provided with 8 working speed gears, which has a wider range of rotor speed adjustment. It can flexibly adjust the speed of the milling drum according to the requirements of the working conditions. Road cold recycler of ash crushed stones and low-strength water-stable roadbeds, while meeting the crushing particle size requirements, increase the working speed and make the machine in the best working condition;

l The additive spraying (water spraying) is electronically controlled and adjusted, and the digital display is convenient and accurate for control;

l The built-in water tank in the body can complete the water spraying operation without a water tanker, which saves the operating cost and is suitable for mountainous operations with large curvatures;

l The pressurized hydraulic oil tank is equipped with Germany imported oil return oil filter to prevent oil tank pollution, effectively prevent the hydraulic pump from sucking up, improve the reliability of the hydraulic system, and can be used in high altitude areas;

l The hydraulic system adopts H-type pipe joints. There is no welded hard pipe in the whole car. Imported hoses are used in key parts to improve reliability and prevent leakage;

l The articulated body steering is matched with the steering rear axle, and the steering is flexible. The rear axle has a one-button automatic centering function, which is convenient to operate and accurate in the rear cycle.

l Meritor front axle drive, with herringbone tires, suitable for various road conditions;

l Optional double bridge drive.


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