Four advantages of Road cold recycler machine help the renta

The Road cold recycler machine integrates high efficiency, multi-purpose, integrates milling, crushing and mixing, and is widely recognized by consumers as road construction equipment. It is mainly used for the milling of old asphalt concrete pavement, and the reuse of binding materials such as asphalt and water. In addition to this function, it also has the powerful function of soil-stabilized road mixing construction, and its advantages cannot be underestimated. The popular Road cold recycler rental market and its application advantages are also inseparable.


    First, although soil replacement operations can no longer represent the current level of technology, people still use them often. The recycling machine uses its powerful milling and mixing rotor to mix the pre-spreading binder, such as lime or cement, into the existing soil with poor bearing capacity. The working depth is often above 1250px. Transformed into high-quality road building materials to produce a homogeneous mixture of soil and binder, which has high compressive, tensile, and shear strength, water resistance, frost resistance, and high volume stability. Typical applications include the construction of roads, parking lots, sports fields, industrial parks, or construction of airports, dams, and filling works. Soil stability is significantly better than soil replacement operations. It reduces the number of trucks, shortens the construction period, and reduces resource consumption and carbon emissions. This fast, environmentally friendly process avoids expensive soil replacement operations.


    2. Homogenization treatment: Without adding any binder, the regeneration machine uses a powerful milling and mixing rotor to granulate and loosen the existing soil to homogenize the soil. The grader is used to treat the stabilized uniform soil particles and is effectively compacted by the roller.


    3. Stabilization of lime: Spread lime in advance, use a regeneration machine to stir it with the existing soil to generate a uniform mixture, level the machine, and compact the roller.


    4. Cement stabilization: Use a cement spreader or artificial paving cement in advance, connect a water wheel to the regenerator, stir the cement with the existing soil through the regenerator, and spray water into the mixing machine mixing chamber through the spray beam. After the grader is leveled, it is compacted with a roller.

    The use of pavement Road cold recycler machine for soil stabilization construction is to turn inferior soil into high-quality road building materials, avoiding the expensive costs caused by soil replacement, its construction progress is fast, it is easy to control the soil moisture content, the construction effect is good, and it will become soil Optimal equipment for stable construction.


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