Ruima Heavy Industry's Road cold recycler machine enters the

     Highway subgrade cold regeneration construction technology has been promoted in most provinces and cities in China. National highways, provincial highways, county and township roads, and other types of highways, including water-stable subgrades, lime ash gravel subgrades, gray soil subgrades and other types of subgrade regeneration Both of them have been widely used, but the application of cold recycling construction technology on highway subgrades is rare. In 2013, Shanghai was the first to carry out cold recycling construction on subgrades on expressways. The main mechanical cold recycling machine used by our company is WR2300E produced by our company. The total length of the test section is 300 meters. After careful preparation, the subgrade of the test section was completed within one day. Cold recycling construction.

       After two years of follow-up testing, all technical indicators of the test section met the requirements. This year, the Shanghai G1501 suburban ring highway began to adopt the cold regeneration process for large-scale subgrade cold regeneration construction. The main models are our 600-horsepower mechanical transmission road cold regeneration machine RZ2300 and full hydraulic transmission WR2300E.


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