High efficiency cold recycler RZ2300

The pavement Road cold recycler machine has been promoted in China from 2000 and has been widely used in 2015. There are also a wide variety of Road cold recycler models at home and abroad. The performance and quality are also uneven, and the prices are extremely different. Five to six hundred thousand, seven or eight million high, the most complicated multi-function models even cost more than 20 million yuan. But no matter how many types of Road cold recycler machine, in essence, the Road cold recycler machine is divided into two types from the driving mode of the main working device milling device, full hydraulic drive and mechanical drive. Low-end models are all hydraulically driven, and high-end models are mechanically driven.


    Many people may wonder why the hydraulically driven cold recycler is low-end. Isn't the hydraulic drive an advanced driving method? For many action mechanisms of construction machinery, hydraulic drive is an easy-to-implement driving method that can achieve a variety of flexible actions, but for high-power transmission, hydraulic drive has its unavoidable weakness--low efficiency The efficiency of the hydraulic drive is generally less than 70%, which is determined by the principle of hydraulic transmission. For the pavement Road cold recycler machine similar to a milling machine, the main working device is a milling drum. In the milling operation, the milling The power consumed by the operation accounts for more than 90% of the whole machine, that is to say, the overall efficiency of the fully hydraulically driven cold regeneration machine is only more than 60%, and more than 30% of the power has been lost to heat. Look at the fully hydraulically driven machine The dimensions of the hydraulic oil radiator will be clear. In order to improve the transmission efficiency of the milling drum, the best method is not to use hydraulic transmission, but to directly drive the milling drum with an engine, that is, mechanical transmission. The mechanical transmission methods of milling drums include belt transmission and gear box chain transmission. At present, the most mature mainstream transmission method is belt transmission. The overall efficiency of belt transmission can reach more than 90%. This can explain that the mechanically driven WR2000 has only 420 horsepower, but its working speed is close to the mainstream 600 full hydraulic drive cold regeneration machine of domestic manufacturers.


    Above we talked about a lot of transmission efficiency. This is a theoretical thing. For the owners of cold regenerators, the benefits are that the machine works quickly, saves fuel and has high efficiency. The mechanical transmission cold regenerator meets these two requirements at the same time. Compare our company's two-type cold regenerators, which are also 600 horsepower, one is a full hydraulic drive WR2300E, and the other is a mechanical transmission RZ2300. The working width of both models is 2300mm. In April 2014, we performed a comparative test on S102 Provincial Highway in Xiangcheng, Henan. The working speed of the hydraulic transmission WR2300E is 7 meters / minute, and the working speed of the mechanical transmission RZ2300 is 12 meters / minute. The working speed of the mechanical transmission cold regeneration machine with the same horsepower 70% faster. With the same horsepower and fast work speed, fuel consumption is naturally saved. In June 2015, on the S243 Provincial Highway, Shan County, Beijing, China, two units were constructed on the same section. The construction party compared the fuel consumption of the two units. The two units were one with WR2300E and one with RZ2300. . According to the statistical results, the fuel consumption per square meter of the full hydraulic WR2300E unit is 1.7 yuan, and the fuel consumption per square meter of the mechanical transmission RZ2300 unit is 0.9 yuan. The fuel consumption of the two sets of cold regenerator supporting machinery is the same. The fuel consumption of the cold recycler should be doubled, and the saved oil money is pure profit. In addition, the increase in construction speed can also save the subsequent mechanical shifts.


    Fully hydraulically driven cold regenerators have the natural weakness of low hydraulic drive efficiency. Some cold regenerator manufacturers blindly increase the horsepower of cold regenerators in order to increase the working speed, but they are not working hard on the transmission system. The horsepower is increased, but the hydraulic system is not. As a result of the enhancement, the working speed has not increased much, but the fuel consumption has increased significantly, but it has only catered for some users who do not understand the pursuit of high horsepower. Other manufacturers, in order to make up for the shortcomings of low hydraulic transmission efficiency, reduced the milling rotor width to 2100mm, and the speed did not increase much, but the overall efficiency of the whole machine was reduced. The same width, the 2300 machine has four blades, and the 2100 has The width requires five knives.


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