Promotion and Application of cold recycler Process in H

After more than ten years of popularizing the roadbed Road cold recycler construction technology, it has been applied in most provinces across the country. Many provinces have adopted Road cold recycler as a mainstream highway roadbed overhaul construction technology. Hunan Province has been promoting Road cold recycler construction since 2012. In 2013-2014, several Road cold recycler test sections were conducted in many prefecture-level cities in the west, but it is regrettable that the construction quality of most of the experimental sections is not good, which has caused the provincial highway industry to deal with Road cold recycler. Craftsmanship has cast doubt. Huaihua City is the area where the promotion of Road cold recycler construction is the strongest in several western cities. There are G220 national highways and Road cold recycler constructions on several sections of S224 provincial highways. The overall construction quality is good. In 2015, Huaihua City continued to make extensive use of cold-recycling construction techniques to carry out overhaul construction on multiple sections. On July 31, Comrade Wu Heping, leader of the Highway Bureau of Hunan Provincial Communications Department and professor of civil engineering at Changsha University of Science and Technology led an expert delegation to inspect the S224 Provincial Highway in Hongjiang City, Huaihua. Leaders and experts of the Provincial Highway Bureau and Manager Xie Dezhi, the site leader of Zhoukou Longyu Engineering Company, conducted in-depth discussions, summarized the Road cold recycler construction experience in Huaihua area, refined the Road cold recycler process requirements, and enhanced the confidence to promote Road cold recycler construction applications. It is agreed that the experience of Huaihua can be extended to the whole province. In April this year, the leaders of the Hubei Provincial Highway Bureau inspected our company's Road cold recycler construction in Jingshan County. In July, our company moved to Hunan. This is the second provincial leader of this year to inspect our company's Road cold recycler construction.

    The quality of Road cold recycler construction in other areas of Hunan Province is not good. Most of them use imported machinery, which shows two problems. First, imported Road cold recycler machinery does not have good operation and construction management, and it cannot guarantee good construction quality. Second, domestic machinery is used. Under the correct operation and construction management, the quality of Road cold recycler construction can be completely guaranteed. Zhoukou Longyu Engineering Company has used our company's Road cold recycler machine for three consecutive years of construction in Huaihua, Hunan. The quality of the construction sections has reached the requirements of the project department, which is only a small part of Zhoukou Longyu Engineering Company's Road cold recycler construction in the country. The success of Road cold recycler construction in Huaihua area has strongly promoted the promotion and application of highway subgrade Road cold recycler machine construction in Hunan Province.


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