Introduction of WR2100 pavement Road cold recycler machine

WR2000 pavement Road cold recycler machine is an asphalt pavement Road cold recycler machine jointly developed by Xuzhou Ruima Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. and China University of Mining and Technology. The whole machine components are purchased internationally, and key components are selected from world-class products. Its comprehensive performance is domestically leading and can be substituted. Imported similar models.


Cummins NTA855-C400 diesel engine, rated power 400 hp, adapt to domestic diesel, strong power, large power reserve, high reliability, easy maintenance;

The milling drum drive, walking drive, and spraying system are all hydraulically driven. The hydraulic system uses the German Sauer Danfoss system with high reliability;

Imported high-pressure hoses and joint seals to prevent leakage;

The pressurized hydraulic oil tank is equipped with a German imported oil filter to prevent oil tank pollution, effectively prevent the hydraulic pump from being empty, and improve the reliability of the hydraulic system, which can be used in high altitude areas;

The milling working device is strengthened and designed with high reliability, which can meet the requirements of milling conditions for high-strength asphalt pavement, lime soil, and water stable roadbed

Imported knives are durable and easy to change.

Additive spraying (water spray) digital display control, precise control;

Front axle drive with herringbone tires, strong driving force, suitable for various road conditions;


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