YST Fully Automatic Coal Bunker Dredge Machine

1 Overview

The fully automatic YST coal silo dredge machine jointly developed by our company and China Mining University is suitable for the dredging of various silos, especially for the dredging of various coal silos.

In the production and operation of application units such as coal mines, coal washing plants, thermal power plants, etc., due to coal quality, humidity, etc., the outlet of the coal bunker discharge is often blocked, which causes the production operation to be interrupted. The traditional methods for solving the blockage of coal bunker outlets include: installing a bunker wall vibrator, installing ******, blasting, manual dredging, etc. These methods have various disadvantages in practical applications, and their effects are not good. For example, the method of installing a tank wall vibrator is only applicable to steel coal bunkers. Because the excitation force of the tank wall vibrator is relatively small compared to the volume and quality of the coal bunker, it has little effect on the materials in the bin and unreliable dredging. In addition, due to the long-term accumulation of coal and other materials in the warehouse, a stacked layer is gradually formed, which has high strength and hardness. The vibration of the warehouse wall cannot destroy such a stacked layer, and its small vibration force will intensify the formation of the stacked layer. The vibration becomes tighter. The effect of ****** at the initial stage of installation is acceptable, but with the formation of stacked layers in the warehouse, the effect of gas arch breaking is getting worse and worse, the final result is often the loss of arch breaking effectiveness. Adopt **** blasting to eliminate blockage, the safety is too poor, and it will affect the continuity of production. Manual dredging is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and affects the production time. After dredging the coal flow, a large amount of coal flow is washed down, which has a great safety problem. Our company cooperated with China Mining University to fully solve the problem of coal silo dredging by fully automatic YST hydraulic coal silo dredge machine developed in accordance with the strong demands of domestic thermal power plants, coal mines and coal washing plants. On the whole, this series of dredging machines is the best domestic solution to the dredging problem. It solves the problem of failure of the silo wall vibrator and dredging failure, and avoids blasting dredging and manual dredging to personnel and coal. The risk of warehouse injury can immediately determine the dredging of the coal silo, which can effectively solve the silo dredging for a long time and meet the requirements of continuous production in various industries.


2. YST coal silo dredger performance characteristics

2.1 It is suitable for the dredging of various types of reinforced concrete coal bunkers and steel coal bunkers.

2.2 The dredging machine begins to loosen from the thin layer blocked by the coal bunker, destroying the foundation of the blockage, and the dredging efficiency is above 95%.

2.3 The dredging area of each dredger can reach 2㎡ directly, and the dredging area can reach 5㎡c or more. The combination of multiple dredgers can handle coal bunkers of various types and sizes.

2.4 Hydraulic drive, strong dredging force, stable work and no noise.

2.5 Multiple working modes can be selected to realize automatic control and meet the requirements of continuous production in various industries.

2.6 Only dredger is installed in the coal bunker, and the hydraulic drive is installed outside the coal bunker, which is easy to repair and maintain.

2.7 Cement concrete coal bunkers are equipped with reinforced protection boards on the inside and outside of the bunker wall, which strengthens the structure of the bunker wall and does not reduce the strength of the bunker wall.

2.8 The dredger is compact and easy to install.


3. Working principle

3.1 At present, most of the coal silos used in domestic coal mines, coal washing plants, thermal power plants and other industries are cement silos, steel structural silos, and cement-reinforced hybrid structural silos. Their structural shapes are basically the same. Square cone, cone and hyperbola. The upper mouth is large, the lower mouth is small, the upper mouth feeds, the lower mouth discharges, and the material falls by its own weight from top to bottom.

The falling material flows in the conical container, so the more it flows downward, the smaller the area, and the material itself will be squeezed, which is the main cause of the blockage. In addition, the moisture content, thickness, temperature change of the material, the length of time the material is stored in the container, the friction coefficient between the container wall and the coal, and the gate structure are all causes of blockage. A more important reason why the blockage in the warehouse is not easy to solve is that during the long-term storage and flow of coal and other materials in the warehouse, it will gradually accumulate in the warehouse wall, forming increasingly thick accumulation layers, especially the coal-carbon accumulation layer. Its strength and hardness are very high, the most difficult to solve by traditional methods is this layer of accumulation.

The YST coal bunker dredger developed by our company is mainly composed of electro-hydraulic control cabinet, hydraulic oil cylinder, dredger, hydraulic pipeline, protective cover, etc. The dredger is driven by hydraulic oil cylinder and can reciprocate along the surface of the silo wall. There are multiple sets of scrapers. With the reciprocating movement of the dredger, the scrapers can remove the accumulated layer on the surface of the warehouse wall, so that the materials in the warehouse cannot adhere to the warehouse wall, destroy the blocked foundation and the kiln arch with the warehouse wall as the fulcrum. At the same time, it plays the role of inducing activation of the material, so that the material flows smoothly downward, which can fundamentally solve the problem of blockage and ensure the smooth flow of the silo. The dredging system can adapt to different forms of storage containers, such as square cone, cone, hyperbola, etc.

YST coal bunker dredger is our company's new drive structure dredger and has applied for a national patent. The biggest feature of this dredging machine is that the transmission mechanism is set outside the coal bunker, which can be easily repaired and maintained. The transmission mechanism is driven by two oil cylinders located outside the coal bunker, and the dredger in the bin is driven by the mechanism to achieve the dredging effect. .

The dredger is driven by hydraulic pressure, and the transmission is controlled smoothly and reliably. There is a hydraulic pump station in the electro-hydraulic control cabinet. The hydraulic pump is driven by a motor to output high-pressure hydraulic oil. The hydraulic solenoid valve controls the expansion and contraction of the hydraulic cylinder to promote the reciprocating action of the dredge. The hydraulic system is equipped with a pressure controller and an overflow valve. Set the system pressure, which can be controlled by pressure to avoid system overload and realize automatic commutation. The normal dredging work of the system is automatic control, and the PLC sets the working program to realize the regular and regular dredging, or automatically starts the dredging work according to the coal tank cut-off signal.

4. Selection and installation of dredging machine

4.1 Selection of dredging machine

Table 1

No. Model Maximum thrust

kg stroke

mm Motor power

Number of kW dredger Applicable coal bunker height



1 YST50-X 5000 150 3 1 8 10

2 YST70-X 7000 150 4 1 8 20

3 YST125-X 12500 150 4 1 4 40

4 YSTB50-X 5000 150 3 1 8 10

5 YSTB70-X 7000 150 4 1 8 20

6 YSTB125-X 12500 150 4 1 4 40


Table 1 shows the parameters of each type of dredging machine. The dredging machine model can be selected according to the height of the coal bunker. The X in the model represents the number of dredgers selected, such as the model YST50-2, which represents a dredger with a maximum thrust of 5000 kg, and the number of dredgers is 2. The standard configuration of two dredgers is symmetrical installation, and the number of dredgers can also be determined according to the actual situation. Type B is explosion-proof.

For general coal bunkers, the height of the silo is the main factor affecting the dredging force. For commonly used coal bunkers, the YST50 model with a maximum thrust of 5,000 kg is selected within a height of 10 meters. According to the calculation and use experience of coal carbon pressure in coal bunkers, every 3-5m increase in coal bunker height increases the dredging capacity by 1,000 kg. The ratio of the height of the coal bunker to the dredging force is determined according to the moisture content of the material, the thickness of the material, the temperature change, the length of time the material is stored in the container, the friction coefficient of the container wall and coal, and the structure of the gate.

After determining the size of the dredging force, select the corresponding dredging machine model from the company's product selection samples. When the diameter of the coal bunker is large, multiple dredgers should be arranged, and the adjacent interval is preferably 2-2.5m. Multiple dredgers can share an electro-hydraulic control cabinet assembly.

The length of each dredger can be determined according to the position, range and size of the coal bunker. The length of the dredger is 1640-4000mm. Beyond this range should be determined by contacting our company's technical department.


4.2 Installation position of dredger

4.2.1 Coal blocking in most coal bunkers occurs at 0-3m above the discharge lock. Therefore, the dredger in the coal bunker should be installed within 0-3m above the coal bunker discharge opening.

4.2.2 The dredging electro-hydraulic control cabinet is installed near the silo, as close to the silo as possible, and the straight line distance from the silo is generally not more than 10m, which should be convenient for manual control.

4.2.3 The YST dredging machine produced by our company is very suitable for all kinds of steel and cement silos, and the changes to the silos during the installation process are small, which does not affect the strength of the silo body structure and dredger installation. The short time reduces the impact on production.

The newly built coal bunker can be opened with square holes in advance to facilitate the installation of dredgers. If the dredge is not installed temporarily, the square hole can be covered with steel plate.

4.2.5 Installation opening requirements of dredger for steel coal bunker

The position and size of the opening of the steel coal bunker are the same as those of the concrete coal bunker.

4.3 Installation of Dredging Machine

The dredging machine installation requires emptying the coal in the warehouse in advance, opening the installation holes as required, and installing the inside board of the coal warehouse and the dredger in the warehouse. For the cement concrete structure warehouse, it is necessary to pour cement to fill the gap. Steel coal bunkers do not need to be installed inside the coal bunker. After the dredger is installed, coal can be stored in the warehouse without affecting production. The subsequent installation of the dredging machine is performed outside the warehouse, and can be installed by our company.

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