RZ2300B and WR2500S


 In August 2017, an RZ2300B from our company competed with Wirtgen WR2500 in Datong, Shanxi. This section is the northern section of Datong National Road G208. The RZ2300B cold recycler involved in the construction is an economical mechanical transmission cold recycler produced by our company, with a power of 600 horsepower and a double-bridge drive. Although this type of cold regenerator is an economical mechanical transmission cold regenerator, compared with a four-wheel lifting mechanical transmission cold regenerator, the actual working efficiency is not bad at all. The initial 500 meters of construction on this road section has a strength similar to that of cement pavement. If it is a general hydraulic transmission cold recycler, it will completely dry, but our RZ2300B has stood the test. It can only run two meters per minute. 600 hp cold recycler, this is really a difficult project. The subsequent 8km roadbed strength is standard, and the construction of the machine is much easier. A Wirtgen WR2500, which was added later, is built side by side with our RZ2300B. Both machines can run about 7 meters.


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