Spring into overtime mode

This year's autumn was a bit cold early, and even half a month of continuous rain and rain, engineering construction in Henan, Anhui and other places were affected, and fatigued engineering robots were also given a short rest. In this season of previous years, the sales of cold regenerators have also entered the off-season mode. However, the sales of our cold regenerators have ushered in a small climax this year. The supply of WR480V has been in short supply. The order for the engine has been repeatedly added to the order and assembly The workshop even began to work overtime, as if the spring season had arrived ahead of schedule.


       WR480V is a recent sales star. This cold recycler uses Weichai power to meet the non-road country III emission requirements. The performance has been further improved than the WR450 model, and a super-strong self-priming pump is standard. Construction efficiency is favored by customers.


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