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RZ2300 Liyang S222 Provincial Road Road cold recycler Constr

Time:2014-04-26 14:09Views:

The first prototype of our company's fully-electrically controlled mechanical transmission cold recycling machine RZ2300 has been continuously deployed to three construction sites since its launch in March this year. After a number of engineering tests, the machine has reached the Puyang area to participate in cold recycling construction. The roadbed strength in Liyang area is relatively high, and everyone in the industry knows it. This construction section already has an imported high-power 2500 cold recycler under construction. This is a good time to compare the performance of our company's RZ2300 mechanical drive cold recycler. After construction comparison, our company's RZ2300 cold recycling machine mills the water-stable structure layer, the speed can reach 7-8 meters / minute, and the speed exceeds the imported machinery. This data surprises the user. I did not expect that the performance of the machine was not lost. For imported machinery. We know that the comparison result is considered normal, and the design parameters are required to achieve this goal. The comparison result is only to verify that the machine meets the design requirements.


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