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RZ2300 item city water stable cold regeneration

Time:2014-04-22 14:09Views:

Our company's RZ2300, a fully-electrically controlled mechanical cold road recycling machine, was successfully developed last year. Since leaving the factory in March of this year, it has fought on three construction sites. Although there are minor twists and turns, after adjustment by our technical staff, Familiar with the performance of the machine, and mastering the operation skills of the machine, the machine works faster and faster. Today, good news came from the S102 provincial road construction site in Xiangcheng. The water-stabilized roadbed was rebuilt cold. The machine owner personally instructed the machine operator to operate the machine, so that the machine driver gradually accelerated the machine's working speed. The machine owner happily called and said that the machine works The speed is unexpectedly fast. It only takes 24 seconds to drive the tire to make one turn. The calculation result is that it can run 12 meters in one minute. This shows that the performance of our mechanical transmission cold recycler has come into play and the performance of the machine has reached the design requirements. Users said that our new products are promising and can be compared with world-class products.


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