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Technical advantages promote rapid growth of road mixing

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Ruima Heavy Industry has established obvious technical advantages in the field of domestic cold recycling machines. The main products of the 600hp WR2300L and WR2300E cold recycling machines have been widely recognized by users for their high performance and high quality. Many users have listed Ruima cold recycling machines as Preferred brand.


WB21 road mixer Hefei Binhu New Area construction, fast speed, fine mixing granularity


   The stabilized soil mixer (road mixer) is a traditional product of Ruima Heavy Industry, which has a production history of more than ten years. Compared with cold recycling machines, the overall technical content of road mixers is relatively low. Several domestic manufacturers of road mixers have serious homogeneity in product performance and are engaged in price wars. The so-called characteristics promoted by some manufacturers are only small for some flicker users There is no substantial improvement to the performance of the whole machine. Ruima Heavy Industry uses advanced cold recycling technology to optimize the road mixer system, which has effectively promoted the improvement of the working performance of the road mixer. The road mixer with the cold regeneration technology was put on the market in 2012. After more than a year of comparative tracking and evaluation, users generally feedback that the sharp road mixer has significantly improved the overall performance of the machine. Under the same working pressure, The working speed of Ruima Road Mixing is significantly faster than that of its competitors. At the same working speed, the working pressure of Ruima Road Mixing is significantly reduced, and the mixing effect is good. Achieving this performance requirement means that the construction speed of Ruima Road Mixing can be faster, more fuel efficient, and the service life of the hydraulic system can be greatly extended. At the monthly rent, the same working speed has little machine loss. When settled on a square basis, the working speed is fast, more work and more money. This technical advantage of Ruima Road Mix meets the higher requirements of users, and also promotes the explosive rapid growth of sales of Rui Road Road Mix in 2013.



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