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    Xuzhou Rema heavy Machinery Co,. Ltd is located in xuzhou economic development zone, is a professional manufacturer of road engineering machinery, is set product development, manufacturing, sales, service as one of the high-tech enterprises .
    Sharp horse heavy road engineering machinery mainly with pavement cold recycling and stabilized soil mixing plant two major series of products, the production of product model with RZ480, RZ500, RZ530, RZ550, RZ560. RZ580. WR2300W.  RZ2300D. RZ2500 series Cold Recycler;WB21,WB21H, WB25, WB25H,WBZ23 series Soil Stabilizer.
     Rema company has a number of years engaged in the professional development of road engineering machinery and manufacturing industry experts, has rich experience in product design and application, in the stabillized soil mixing plant and pavement cold recycling applications has accumulated more than ten years experience in application development: From Remer company to Rema company, stabilized soil mixing plant has been a sharp heavy traditional products. product constantly updated. Since 2006, for expanding the domestic application of cold regeneration construction, our company concentrate on research and development pavement cold recycling. from the earliest 525 horsepower WR2400 until 600horsepower WR2300E well received by users of the whole control system, WR2300V, mechanical transmission RZ2300. In the domestic market. Rema company has built a obvious technical advantage, become the industry benchmark. is the imitation target of numerous trade. Efficient intelligent full electronic control mechanical transmission RZ2300 cold recycling in 2013 successfully developed and put in the market, catching up the international advanced level, products comprehensive performance test after 4 years of application, mechanical drive cold recycling has been fully mature, in 2017, a mechanical transmission RZ2500 cold vitality again upgraded to 700 HP electronic fuel injection engine. I continued investment in the product technology research and development company, mine close cooperation with China, has been declared in the field of application of cold regeneration two invention patents. 6 utility model patents, and obtain xuzhou special direct funds to upport strategic emerging industry development. Cold recycling rotor shifting application at first, a leading direction of cold recycling. In key parts design and manufacture of milling planer rotor, our company has fully mastered the design and manufacturing process. can completely replace the same products abroad, became the only can design and manufacture.meet the market requirements of removable knife library heavy rotor domestic companies. More sharp horse heavy industry in the development and application of cold regeneration machine has accumulated rich experience, the product technology on the performance, quality, reliability and other key indicators have been in the domestic leading level.
     Based on technology, high and new technology, professional technology is the core of sharp horse heavy industry competitive power, sharp heavy industry based on the market, adapt to market new products, make every user can use our machine building construction advantage. make you smoothly to undertake project construction.