WR2300L Road cold recycler machine has been praised by users

Recently, when our company's new model of cold road recycling machine was constructed in Shandong, due to its excellent performance and good comprehensive construction effect, it was well received by users of the users.


      The model of the road Road cold recycler machine is WR2300L, which is a new product of our company. The professional Road cold recycler heavy-duty milling drum adopts a replaceable tool magazine, which is more suitable for the water-stable roadbed Road cold recycler construction. The construction address is near Dezhou, Shandong. The road surface for the construction is 10 cm of asphalt surface and the roadbed is lime limestone. The strength of this section of the road is relatively high, especially the asphalt surface layer has high strength. There are three companies The cold recycler is under construction at this site. One of the company's 600 horsepower, four-wheel independently driven cold recycler only worked for one day, then the machine broke down and was taken away. The actual reason was that the road was too hard and it was too dry. Strenuous. The remaining one WR2300L in our company and the 600-horsepower cold recycler from another company persisted in construction. During the construction, the two models were compared at the construction site. Although it is 600 horsepower, our company's WR2300L cold recycler is comprehensively superior in terms of construction speed, crushing effect and uniformity of water spray. In another 600-horsepower Road cold recycler machine, in the later stage of construction, the site just used another Road cold recycler machine to construct in two layers, and our company's machine was used for full-depth Road cold recycler construction, 10 cm asphalt surface layer, 20 cm The crushed depth of the lime ash crushed by cold regeneration reaches 30 cm.


      After several days of comparison, the construction site decided to leave our company's WR2300L to continue construction and return another machine, but this decision made the machine owner difficult because the machine owner has his own project, but it has not yet started. I took time to work on this road, one was for trial work, and the other was to let the machine run in. Now the machine owner ’s own project has been closed and construction started, but the site fancy the machine and will not let it go. If the machine owner forcibly evacuates, it will affect the future relationship. If there is a problem, the overhaul is towed away, and our trainers are required to cooperate. Such a request embarrassed our company's service engineers. Although it was a "good faith lie", it was related to our company's reputation. Our service staff had to politely reject this request.

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