2015 High Power High Performance Stable Road Mixer Developme

The development of high-power high-performance stable soil mixer road mixers still has a certain market, but users have increasingly higher requirements for the performance and quality of this model, which requires relevant manufacturers to make great efforts to develop and quality . We believe that a center-mounted stable soil mixer should be designed and developed. The center-mounted type has the characteristics of good stability during mixing and high stability of stable soil. Equip the machine with additive spraying equipment, including water and emulsified asphalt, and study the mixing process to achieve the best mixing quality.

The stable soil mixing machine should be equipped with a sprinkler tank and a water spraying system to spray water on the mixing material to adjust the water content of the mixing material. Adding this function further upgrades the mixer into a regenerator, which helps to improve the performance of the product. This machine can add bulldozer and ripper as optional parts. The bulldozer can be used to simply move, level and spread the material, and the ripper can loosen the hard structure of the foundation to facilitate the mixing of the materials and maximize the role of the machine.

Mixing tools should not use the hoe type structure of the original mixer, because the width of the cutter head is large, and the mixing resistance is very large. You can learn from the tool structure of rotary tillers and milling machines to reduce the mixing cutting resistance as much as possible to improve The principle of crushing and mixing materials is the principle. Road mixing machine mixing knives are wear parts, and the structure should be considered to facilitate the replacement of knives.


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